Our HMS Venerable model is a one-tenth scale model currently under construction. The model is being made using copies of the original shipbuilders plans.










Detailed images of the 1/10th model of HMS Venerable, a 74 gun third rate of the line which Sunderland sailor Jack Crawford served aboard during the battle of Camperdown.  The Project Manager is Fred Gooch.


The HMS Venerable was a 74 gun third-rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy.  She was launched at Perry's Yard, Blackwall on 19th April 1784.  It took about 4,000 mature oak trees to build her over two years at a cost of £38,000 (over £3 million pounds today).  She was 170 feet long, with a beam of 47 feet and weighed 1650 tons.


The Venerable is the only British man-of-war to have been lost because a man fell overboard!  On Saturday 24th November 1804 HMS Venerable was anchored with the Channel fleet in Tor Bay. Fleet Commander Capt. John Hunter was in command at 4:30 pm in strong winds with heavy rain, making the coastline barely visible, Capt Hunter decided the ships would be safer at sea and made the order to sail.  After raising the anchor a seaman fell overboard. During the launch of two rescue boats, two seamen were thrown out and drowned. One of the boats continued on to rescue the original seaman.


The weather was worsening and Venerable was running down other ships of the fleet.  At 8:30pm the wind died and Venerable grounded hard under Paignton Cliffs. The lull didn't last, at midnight, despite the efforts of the crew to free the ship, she broke in two amidships.  Eight of the crew were lost and 547 rescued by Impeteux and Goliath.


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