Copper Plate Appeal

HMS Venerable needs your support!

Her hull, from keel to waterline, needs to be sheathed in copper.

In the 18th century the Royal Navy began using copper sheathing to protect their ships from teredo worm, also known as shipworm. These are most prevalent in warmer waters and cause great damage to the bottoms of wooden ships by boring through all the timbers below the waterline.

Copper sheathing became widespread across all ships in the Royal Navy, as not only did the copper afford protection against teredo worm, it kept ships relatively free from weed, thus improving their sailing performance.

SMH can engrave and fit a copper plate to the underside of HMS Venerable perhaps for a loved one’s birthday, a wedding anniversary, in memoriam or for a significant birthday of a Salty Old Sea Dog!

Use the form HERE to order your Copper Plate and let’s get HMS Venerable covered!

Please print, complete and post back to us, or scan and return electronically.

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