At Sunderland Maritime Heritage we are working on several heritage projects.  Below you can see the boats we are working on at the moment.  

Navy Cutter

Navy Cutter 32 Devonport

Our 32 foot Royal Navy Cutter is a beautiful boat with fantastic lines.

It is next in line for full restoration when we have finished the Willdora.


We plan to get her sailing back on the river, providing sail and boat handling training to our community.


Red House Skiff

Our Sheltie Skiff is a lovely little boat with lots of local history.  It has lines that remind us of a viking boat.


For people who were at school in the 60's and 70's you might recognise this little boat.  It was used by Red House Comprehensive as a training boat for pupils on the" nautical studies" course.  A course designed for pupils going into the shipyards.



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Parramatta  was restored at the request of her owner.  

She shares her name with the largest wooden-built ship built in Sunderland, which was launched by James Laing at Deptford on May 29, 1866.

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